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Aetwa Yalmeen is for haute, chic, ultraposh, body positive people all around the world. We carry Fast Fashion and Custom Garments. We cater to people all shapes and sizes. This is a Veteran owned business.

Aetwa Yalmeen is a Fashion Designer and is currently pursing her B.F.A. In Fashion Design with a minor in Fashion Marketing and Management at Savannah College of Art and Design. She is a U.S. Army Veteran who was medically retired in 2015 after eleven and a half years of service. She is a mother of two gorgeous girls. Aetwa was born in Delray Beach, FL. She grew up a Army Brat due to her father being in the military. 

Growing up, Aetwa would watch her Grandmother create fabulous garments. Her mother was a freelance model and a trendsetter. After watching these positive influential women growing up, Aetwa wanted to try her hand at being a designer and a stylist. Her goal is to create and leave a legacy for her two daughters and son. 

Here is what to expect, Aetwa Yalmeen will have a few slots available monthly to create customer specific garments that will not be recreated for any one else. Maison De Aetwa Yalmeen will have garments from vendors, as well as Custom Couture Garments created by Aetwa Yalmeen. Aetwa strives for perfection and want every customer satisfied. 

Lastly, we would like to take this time out to thank you. Thank you for shopping with Maison De Aetwa Yalmeen. We hope to have gained a life long customer. Please follow us on all social media platforms and be sure to send in your pictures of you wearing our garments to be featured on the page.